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Our 100% free football betting tips is delivered to you daily. Curated by a combination of our betting experts analysis and odds model calculations, we intend to bring you the best of today's football tips.

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  • Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid
    Under 2.5 Goals
€20 returns €38.18
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Football Betting Tips FAQ

If you are looking for our best football betting tips, I would recommend following our Value Bet Tip of the day. Those are the bets both us and the computer like the most.

Note that it often has higher betting odds, so you might experience great variance when betting on these, but those should have the most value among our football betting tips.

You can't.

That is the simple answer.

No one can guarantee you to win from their football betting tips - and if you meet someone that does, just run as far away from them as you can.

To increase your chances of winning though, there are some things you can do:

  • Make sure you get the highest possible betting odds when following our bets and not just settle for any odds you find.
  • Do your own analysis and choose which bets you like and don't.


If have lost a lot of money and are wanting to win it back - quickly - then you need to take a break from football betting.

Online betting is supposed to be fun, not something you do to make money. And you should never, ever bet with money you cannot afford to lose. Simple as that.

Short answer: you can't.

No one can guarantee you wins, so you need to learn how to live with the possibility of losing bets from time to time.

You might have heard something about "arbitrage betting" as a guaranteed way to make money. Now that is a way to win 100%, but there are still things that can go wrong when you are doing this and you should do proper research before starting to pursue this form of betting.

About our Football Betting Tips

Welcome to our football betting tips page - where you will find the latest betting tips, analyzed and curated by our betting experts and computer models.

Unlike our football predictions, our betting tips will not feature any deeper analysis of them. Instead of using our time to explain these football bets, we will rather spend more time looking for and sharing our best betting tips with our readers.

So we will only share the tips and bets we create only with the information you need to bet on them.

Guide to our Football Tips

On this page you will always find the latest football betting tips we have posted.

If you are looking for any specific betting tips, check out our sub-pages:

You will find all of the same bets on this page, but if you are looking for something specific, we have pages dedicated to your preferred bet type.

Football Tips Schedule & Coverage

We try to get everything ready and posted by 22:00 CEST the day before the matches are being played, so you have a chance to get your bets in well in advance of the matches getting underway.

The football betting tips will cover most all of the bigger leagues, but we will also look to find betting tips from the smaller leagues around the world as well to change things up. We love football and a good bet, so it does not need to be a high profile match for us to enjoy it as long as those criteria are met.

Football Tips Analysis & Odds

Our analysis of our tips uses a bunch of different methods, but mainly we rely on our computer models and odds shopping. We have created these models over a few decades of combined betting experience and coding knowledge, and use these to scour the betting sites to find good football bets.

In addition we are making a subjective judgment based on what our betting models are telling us. If the computer really likes a bet, but we think it might be off based on our analysis of some deeper lying issues, we might choose to avoid those bets.

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