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There are currently no predictions for the matches being played today, try to check back later or go to our football betting tips page for other betting predictions!

Football Predictions FAQ

Well of course!

But seriously, we do rank ourselves high up there. We expect quality in our analysis, delivery and results that we provide with our football predictions, and we hope you feel the same.

With that said, there are other solid options for football predictions if you want to check out some other ones.

Here are a few football predictors we follow from time to time:

The simple answer to this is to do proper analysis.

Analyze the teams, the players, recent performance, injuries and so on.

And it takes a lot of practice to get this right, so you better enjoy working on the football predictions!

We try to get most of our football predictions posted the day before the match start, around 22:00 CEST.

No, we can't.

In fact, no one can.

Promising 100% guaranteed wins is what scammers do, so stay away if anyone promises you that.

About Our Football Predictions

Welcome to our football predictions page!

Here you will be finding all of our latest football predictions that are exclusively written by experienced football betting experts.

Note that our experts will likely not be writing the most in-depth analysis of every match coming up. For that you can go to your local news outlet and get your fix on how the form of the backup left back of Peterborough is doing.

Our prediction experts will focus their efforts on curating the most important information, analyzing the odds, stats and data, sharing what parts they feel are the most relevant to the bets they are proposing and give the football predictions in an easily digestible format.

Match Predictions

It's our goal to cover as many matches as possible, and give you all the recommended bets we come across.

However, there is a lot of football being played every day across the globe, and our experts can only cover so much without the quality of our match predictions and analysis slipping.

So we are going to focus our efforts on the bigger leagues and the bigger matches in those leagues. That means you are most likely to find this in our coverage:

From time to time we will cover other leagues and matches here and there, but these ones will be our main focus for the time being, making sure that the quality of our match predictions are top notch.

In the match predictions our experts will cover aspects like team strengths, recent performance, stats, injuries, and round this off with our betting predictions.

Football Betting Tips Coverage

In addition to the football predictions, we will also share our best football betting tips for the matches we are analyzing. These will usually be related to the analysis we have done and according to the betting odds offered.

As we always give our match winner prediction, we will also look at these bets:

And likely some more too from time to time, but the above should be our bread and butter.

Football Betting Sites

If you are looking to start football betting and follow our predictions, we recommend checking out these top betting sites:

Best Football Betting Sites
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