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We’ve already talked above betting tools and odds calculators. So, what is an accumulator calculator, and does it much differ from an odds calculator?

What is an Accumulator Calculator?

An accumulator calculator is a betting tool that allows you to calculate your returns for accumulator bets. You can add each leg of your accumulator to the calculator, the odds that are available and get the result of how much you would win in case all legs of your acca bet win.

A good accumulator calculator will let you select the number of legs (selections), whether you bet each way or not, the odds format (decimal, fractional or American), whether rule 4 is active or not, and whether a selection is a winner, placed, lost, void or dead heat.

Why use an Accumulator Calculator?

The great thing about an accumulator calculator is that it allows you to play around with many different scenarios. If you are undecided how many selections you want to make or how much you want to bet, the accumulator can be a helpful tool to make your decision easier.

It can’t make the decision for you, of course, and it cannot correctly predict an outcome. It can only predict your wins or losses based on the information you enter.

It’s a good tool to use when you are new to accumulator bets. Or when you are unsure whether the odds you get at one bookmaker are all that good compared to odds elsewhere.

Where to find Accumulator Calculators?

Many good bookmakers will have their own accumulator calculators among the set of betting tools they offer for their punters. Sites such as ours will also integrate them as a help for new and experienced punters.

This is especially convenient as you can look at our betting tips, check the latest odds available and then enter them in the accumulator calculator before heading over to your preferred bookmaker to actually place the bet.

Some of the bookmakers that we recommend that have accumulator calculators, one of them is William Hill. Though, mostly you will find accumulator calculators at sites such as ours.

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